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Autocross at the Marina (PCA Club)

…and I couldn’t haven written a more dull title than that.


Last Sunday, my friend Joseph and I attended an autocross event at the Marina Municipal Airport, about an hour and a half away from here.
I never thought I involve myself in the world of autocross because I frankly thought it was boring. Before this event, I strongly preferred track over autocross, but this changed my mind. Although I didn’t personally navigate the course, I was able to ride along with Shaikh for two runs (one with street tires and one with his super-sticky Hoosiers). The course was fun overall and Shaikh’s best time was a 44.1. Pretty good for a Miata against the plethora of Porsches.

If you look closely, Shaikh is giving a thumb’s up to that notion.

Handling over power, especially in autocross. It also helps when you’re an experienced driver too. Speaking of power, there was a pretty cool 1978 Ford Fiesta Mark I at the track. It had a Chevy 400hp V8 in the rear, does 0-60 in 3 seconds, and is all street legal. If my memory serves me correctly, its best lap time was in the 43s. Joseph spoke to the owner of the Fiesta, and aside from the crazy fabrication it needed to get the engine in the rear, the Fiesta also had an automatic gearbox. Although it doesn’t sound ideal, the owner explained that it was more reliable than the manual gearbox. Another interesting aspect of this car was that it was featured in the October 1986 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. I guess the owner had this car since it was first introduced.

Among the nicer cars that were in attendance, I ran into this Porsche 930 Turbo.

In addition, there was this 1955 Chevrolet 210…

…as well as this Dunebuggy with a Subaru WRX STI engine:

Here are some shots of Shaikh’s Miata:

They’ve always said, “the worse thing that can happen in an autocross event is that you hit some cones.” Unfortunately for these cones, they look like they’ve been hit one too many times.

Even the finishing line cones look like it had its share of run-ins as well:

And to round off this post, here some other snaps I took during the event. I got pretty lazy towards the end, and I found that a lot of cars pretty much left as soon as their runs were up.

Clever license plate, bro.

Well that’s about it. It was a blast to be there. I may want to autocross my new NB in all its stock glory really soon. Thanks for the autocross bug, Shaikh!



Porsche 944 — yum!


RUF Style!

Taste the Rainbow!

The RUF Rainbow!

So Shiny!

Gulf livery GT9-CS


Just a man and his car.

Gemballa grandeur

The Gemballa Mirage GT, based off of the Porsche 980 Carrera GT.

Photo credits belong to: Kyter MC